Hedge funds

Behind the life and shocking death of a star money manager accused of insider trading Business Insider. 2016 – About a year before Sanjay Valvani‘s wife found him dead inside his Brooklyn Heights home, the star money manager learned he was under investigation for insider trading. The Visium hedge fund manager was under pressure on several fronts. His relationship with his boss had soured. He worried about the impact the charges would have on his colleagues. He also believed he was innocent, and that the government couldn’t bring a case against him – until they did.

As Main Street piled into a controversial hedge fund, Wall Street backed away Business Insider. 2016 – Who knew what, and when? Interviews with investment consultants and former Visium employees reveal that some on Wall Street were distancing themselves from the firm long before Visium told investors of the federal investigation in March. At the same time, Main Street investors such as public pensions and endowments continued to add hundreds of millions of dollars of investments with the firm.

Wall Street has been rocked by an $8 billion hedge fund’s implosion Business Insider. 2016 – I broke the news that several Wall Street titans had distanced themselves from hedge fund Visium before a federal fraud investigation became public. I was also the first to report that Visium’s founder had made a personal account trade that broke the firm’s rules, rankling investors.

This is what it’s like when the 1% go to jail, according to a couple that ministers to their families Business Insider. 2016 – Shame. Ostracism. A shift to food stamps. This is a harsh reality for the families of white-collar criminals – hedge fund managers convicted of insider trading, or bankers nabbed for embezzlement.

This tiny hedge fund has an incredible track record, and outsiders can’t understand how Business Insider. 2016 – A small New York hedge fund called BlackBox has had almost no down months, and some people are skeptical of its returns. So I tried to figure out how it makes its money. It’s not an easy question to answer.

Why are there so few women hedge fund managers? Business Insider. 2016 – Bill Ackman, a prominent New York hedge fund manager, told a group of women investors that he was eager to hire women but hadn’t been able to find any for his investment team. Ackman’s fund is not alone – only 3% of senior hedge fund investment jobs are held by women.

The world’s biggest hedge fund expects a bust in China Business Insider. 2016 – Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates says that China has experienced an “unsustainable buildup of credit,” which is “typical of debt boom and busts,” according to a private note to investors.

‘Hedge fund’ doesn’t mean anything anymore – that’s why they’ve been such a disappointment Business Insider. 2016 – For the last eight years, hedge fund investors have been paying high fees for lackluster performance.  It wasn’t always this way.