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The State Where Giving Birth is a CrimeThe Nation. 2014  — In Tennessee, giving birth to a baby with drugs in its system is now a crime. While studying at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, a classmate and I spent six months investigating the effects of this new law, reporting from Tennessee and co-writing a 4,000-word piece that appeared in The Nation. As of August 2015, the piece remains the most comprehensive to date on the effects that S.B. 1391 has had on Tennessee’s drug-using women. We won reporting grants from The Nation Institute and the Margaret Casey Foundation, and the article was recognized by Investigative Reporters and Editors and the Society of Professional Journalists.

Fatal Foster Care219 Magazine. 2015 — Follow-up to the previous story, investigating what happens to children that state authorities take away from drug-using mothers nationwide.


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Rookie cops will walk tough beats” March 26, 2013 (video and article) Link / PDF

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